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I know it's not the best game but it's fun enough. Especially now that they've fixed the enigrams. 

Im im a lv 25 warlock

also has a lv 7 hunter
and lv 3 Titan.

ps4 OtakuWarlord2.

anyone else like to play it?
Evil Princeess Anna of Arendelle by ZhaneAugustine
Evil Princeess Anna of Arendelle
I do not think ANYONE has created an EVIL or DARK form of Anna. So I took matters into my own hand. Presenting her dark royal highness, Princess Anna of Arendelle. Corrupt and vile and spoiled. Powers? Not that I know of. Maybe electricity. But THIS Anna is indeed very evil. She don't wanna build a snow man. She wants man's heads on pikes! Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

I do not own Anna. That's Disney.
Ghoul by ZhaneAugustine
When a zombie apocalypse breaks out, the governments of the world eventually come up with what they believe to be a solution. A counter infection, one that causes its victims to also become violent corpses. But which prey and feast upon the zombies, not the humans. The Ghoul. Faster, stronger, and a slightly bit more intelligent than the zombie, but still not as smart as the human, they were the ultimate weapon.

But that was before the zombie population was severely limited by the success of the Ghouls. That was before the Ghoul's remembered what had happened to them in their HUMAN lives. How they were used by the Humans. That was before Ghouls grew smarter.

Now Humanity faces a new threat from the dead. Not one that wants to eat them. Just wipe them out and take their place as rulers of the planet Earth.
Frozen Facebook S2 Do You Wanna Go Trick or Treati by ZhaneAugustine
Frozen Facebook S2 Do You Wanna Go Trick or Treati

Season 2 of Frozen Facebook is HERE!
And to start things off or this NEW Season here we have poor Anna confused over when the Holiday is, why its celebrated differently than Arendelle, and then after learning candy is given, both she and her sis decide to try the holiday like Americans!

I do not own Facebook, That’s Mark Zuckerberg

I do not own Frozen, That’s Disney

I don’t own Twitter, forget whose that owned by, lol. But NOT me.… The Frozen Tweets… Frozen Facebook

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Vendetta’s Fifth






    Author’s note: LOL can’t think of a good title and pretty sure this is like the fifth story I did for Vendetta’s creator. So hence the title. By this time, yes... Kagome and InuYasha are indeed married.







    Vendetta, the young half demon, who’d lived in InuYasha’s world for several months, had many adventures with her adopted older brother, and his friends, cultivating in actually finding her way home at long last. Despite all of that, the young girl figured out, much like how Kagome had done before her, how to return to that world. To the Half Demon, who’d protected her, trained her, and served as her family til she returned home. He had a way of cheering her up, even if she didn’t want to be, that some would think mean. Maybe it was, but it was still a sibling’s way of chasing away depression. She even had a special nickname for Inu. Her favorite, ‘tickle monster’.



    Finally time had seen peace break into both their world. Enough so that Vendetta could pass between her world, and InuYasha’s. Occasionally there would be a mission that would send her and the others from one spot of the country to the other. Luckily today was one of peace. Which was good, because the young girl had seen just a few days before something that had reminded her of a dark period of her life.



    She sat on her bed, in her adopted brother’s house, staring at her small toes. The sounds of birds flowed from the air, and a soft whiff of cherries, from the tree outside her bedroom window tickled her nose. But all the same, she sat, close to her chest, eyes distant and perhaps one could say milky white? Anyone else might assume she’d died. Her brother wasn’t most people.



   “Oh come on, again with this?” InuYasha said, as he walked by her open door. There was silence as the youngster ignored him. “What’s wrong now? I mean you were fine just a few hours ago.”



   “I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” she said. Her tone was stiff, and hard as a rock. Just as cold as one as well.



    InuYasha sighed and shrugged, and went off, which to be honest surprised Vendetta. “I said I don’t wanna talk about it,” she muttered again. She could hear his foot steps receding through the house, further from her room. “Jerk.”



     A minute or two later he returned and glared. “So you wanna talk or not? I mean come on already. I don’t have time for games.”



   “I don’t wanna talk,” she barked.


   “Well don’t waste my time then, you lil snot.”



   “Be a better big brother then, you big dork.” A slight smile came across her face, and her eyes sparkled for just a moment, before she returned sour.



   “What, is this your time of the month?” he asked, and then caught himself. “Look, okay I’m sorry about...,”



   “You are such a perverted creep sometimes,” she yelped. “I could ask you the same thing. But I guess since your hair is silver, it just means you’re being a jerk!”



    He blinked for a moment, then launched himself at her with a growl. “You little brat! I let you stay in my house rent free, and you treat me like that!”



    Vendetta wasn’t as strong as InuYasha, but they both were half demons. She could pretty much handle herself in a fight with him. She wrapped her arm around his head and actually noggied him before he broke free, and kicked her legs away. Vendetta dropped to the ground, narrowly missing banging her head to the post of the bed. “Jerk!”



   “Brat!” he called again, pinning her there. “Now what’s wrong?” Vendetta stuck her tongue out and then screamed numerous words at him. Feed up, Inu did the only thing he could think of that he knew worked against her. “I said, what’s wrong?” he growled, tickling her sides and ribs.



    Vendetta squealed for a moment, but only a moment. She’d been getting pretty good at fighting off the laughter. Instead she cursed and kneed him, which made him grunt, and growl at her harder. There was a fight in his yellow eyes that she’d seen him have when fighting hard core demons. The girl whimpered, her body folding in a near retreat form as possible, which seemed to work. No matter what may happen, she wasn’t evil nor did she mean to really hurt her brother.



   “So the widdle baby admits defeat?” Inu said after a few minutes. He smirked and glared down at her.



   “Don’t you baby talk me, InuYasha!” Her eyes narrowed. “Sit boy!”



    He blinked and then threw his head back and laughed. “That only works for Kagome, dummy!” His smile grew wider. Her hands kneaded her knees, and he continued to watch. “Still fight in da widdle baby? Huh? Does the widdle girl like it?”



    Her mind was on fire as her chest rose and fell faster. “Stop,” she growled.



   “Awwww the widdle baby needs her nap?”



   “Ehehe, stahop!” She hated baby talk, or any teasing. Especially from InuYasha. And especially when he was in full blown tickle monster mode. She struggled a bit more, managing to get him off of her. Vendetta stood up and took off like a shot, rushing through the wooden floors. He stood up and raced after her, catching her near the living room. “Let go!”



   “So what’s wrong?” he asked, locking her feet in an ankle lock. When she didn’t respond, he raked his nails across her soles a few times. She kicked and whimpered and bit her lips, but it wasn’t until a few minutes later she laughed. Especially after that crazy baby talk again.






   “Nope,” he took a hair brush and used that on her feet. He knew he was going to pay for that, as it happened to be his wife’s. But since she was visiting family in her world, he was sure he might have a chance of getting away with it.






    He made a sour face. He’d seen a clip when he was in Kagome’s house of a guy doing that. How or why he wasn’t sure. And now he was hoping he hadn’t tried it. Vendetta’s feet tasted terrible! Well so much for me pouring wine over Kagome’s feet and doing that. “Ya, you’re right. They’re horrible. Doesn’t the widdle bratty baby wash her piggies?”






   “Then don’t laugh, because calling me the worst and laughing is just confusing me,” he teased. He finally released his hold on her feet, but keeping her pinned, leaned down on her stomach.



   “Whahahaht are, you, hahahahahahahahahahaha gawd your EARS hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” she giggled and thrashed as best she could. His twitching ears against her stomach was a bit much. She also realized what he was doing.



   “Have you been eating?” he asked. The tickling came to a screeching halt. He asked the question again, and made eye contact.



   “Mostly,” she said, breaking the contact. “Okay, okay maybe not as much as I guess I should.”



   “It was when we went to that village a little bit ago, wasn’t it?” She remained still, but then nodded. “I thought so. So, tell me about it.”



    Reluctantly she spilled the dark episode to her brother, and cried a bit. “I hate it.” She wiped her eyes. “I mean, I should be so strong. I shouldn’t let the past bother me.”



   “The past is in the past. Unless you don’t let it go,” InuYasha said, placing a hand on her shoulder.



    Vendetta sniffed a little and smiled, brushing the strands of her hair from her eyes. “Listen to you, Mr. Philosopher.”


    He blushed and tickled her a few seconds more, before she kneed him in his hip. “Ow, that hurt, you snot.”



   “Didn’t mean for it to tickle, you big bully.” She giggled and poked his ribs, before taking off again. Her brother growled, and speed off after her. And so the rest of the day went.

Vendetta's Fifth
a commission for :iconmaxinezorualuna: sorry for the wait, but I hope you like it!
Well just one... Destiny for my ps4. I've been playing it a lot. Too much maybe lol. Not the best game but certainly not the worst either. Needs a lot of fixing but still fun. And recently got legendary gear thanks to the queen.

lv 24 warlock.

anywho having hard time sleeping, and working hard. And when I'm not I'm relaxing too much by games.

but going on a semi vacation. Which means I'll be writing more and doing more comic page coloring. Stay tuned.
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Line Art Coloring
Lion 0 lineart colored by ZhaneAugustine
Bianca Version 2 by ZhaneAugustine
Leone Line Art colored by ZhaneAugustine
Panthro lineart Colored by ZhaneAugustine
Scout the Growlithe by ZhaneAugustine
Gloves Be Rollin' Colored by ZhaneAugustine

If you have line art, but can not seem to color it in, OR have time to color it in, I will be happy to do so for you if you like. Please do not, I'm still NEW at it, so its not always going to come out looking awesome.

It should take me some time as well because I do live a hectic offline life, but I'd be happy to try my best for you. Just tell me what you'd like via note or whatever and we'll go from there.

Stories and Digital art Pt. Commisions
Stories (clean tickle, nothing fetish or bad)
Art: That takes me at least an hour or more
Stories and digital art Pt. Commissions
Stories (non tickle)
Easy art (five minute minimum for me to do)


Written on Your Heart by TinyMintyWolf

It is the vision and the impact along with the technique that got me to click on this. The colors are outstanding, and excellently plac...

Korra Deer TF by EduartBoudewijn

This thing caught my eye right off the bat! The idea of turning her into a deer and then going from there is unique, and stand out alon...

Flora Pencil Test by j3px
by j3px

Solid movement, solid lining. And an eighties show, that just makes this brilliant. I do admit I do not remember everything about Jayce...

PokeWeen 2012 by MetalShadowOverlord

This is a very cute piece. You can see the playfullness in the drawing, in the lines and in that cute little Misdriveous hanging out th...


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