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Darth Glacialous by ZhaneAugustine
Darth Glacialous
As we saw in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Star Wars is part of this universe of Once Upon a Time. The sarlac is mentioned. We known Ingrid, in fear of other people and her own powers, studied the dark arts. If Star Wars is part of the universe, its not unbelievable that she'd tap into the Dark Side of the Force... that IF she could get to Korriban, she WOULD. Thus here we have her, with SITH EYES, and a name of Glacialous.

I do not own  OUAT, NOR STARWARS, That would be disney
What do you think of the new light saber from episode seven
Flag Of The Empire of Anear by ZhaneAugustine
Flag Of The Empire of Anear
Anear ruled the Island Continent of Saizu for one thousand years. However, it grew mired in politics, and weakness, and holding to old traditions. Anear itself was united by the Rultsh Tribe, a matriarchal civilization, whose men had nearly all died in a sickness, and nearly caused the fall of the tribe itself until one woman claimed the goddess had told her in a vision how to save themselves. From that point on for the most part men were seen as inferior to women, and either used as farmers, or simple hunters, with a few lucky to have some posts in power.

As Anear was united and then conquered their neighbors they spread their gospel of female superiority and after the unification of their own nation eight hundred years prior, ruled the continent island. As was said, that rule continued for one thousand years.

Then one empress, giving to strong pressure accepted the creation of a parliament, in which to give more people, mainly women, power. She also discovered that the one and only child she had, a son, would be the only born to her. With no female heirs, and supported by the new parliament, she decreed her son would be the first emperor of the land. This caused rebellion, and secession. The economic powerhouse, Enephroam, not wanting to take orders by both the imperial house AND parliament, and not happy with a male ruler, seceded first. The more theocratic Cakl joined. The wars lasted near a decade but saw the empire lose both lands. Anear would later fight two more wars against Cakl, the latter determined if nothing else to take the mountains that held so much ore.

In the second war, Cakl turned their attentions to Thochal. Though begging the Empire for protection, Thochal as left to themselves, and a relative of the empress at the time called for secession of Thochal as well, eighty years after the first crisis had begun. Highly popular with the soldiers of the empire, the relative lead Thochal into victory within nine months.

Thochal MAY have played a part in the Holy Land's, Old Dai's secession one hundred and twenty years after that. Its thought the Empress Talia Senteildis, in perhaps a hope to foster good relations with Thochal, replaced the symbol of the goddess from the state flag, with that of the goddess' courtier, a gryphon. Just as Thochal had done after they had gained independence.

Angered at what they considered heresy, the Holy Land left the Empire in the ONLY bloodless revolution. So revered was the land, and also so bankrupt was the empire at the time, that Anear let Old Dai' slip without a fight.

Two hundred years have past since then. And the nations seem to be at peace. But that may not last.

More Info:

Kingdom Name: Anear

Ruled By: A king (not yet named)

Prominent Places: Barnflour Forest, Wheelyew Cave, Alea'al Forest, Deeplip Ruins, Versehalf Gulch, Adaellanus Town

National Anthem: The Imperial Hymn

Your splendour from its shell

One day will bloom.


Glorious land, glorious land!


And my Princes my defenders!


When dark clouds enshroud the hills

And gray mist the valley fills,

Yet Thou art not hidden from Thy sons.


Anear, our homeland,

Land of heroes!


Our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun,

And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own.


Proud and famous,

Land of ancestors,

You shall live in our hearts,

Ever more.


And this is that beautiful land,

The Anearish land, my home,

The Anearish land, my home.

The Forests of Anear are singing

New songs, new papers

Anear is liberated

Lives in liberty!

Population: 500,000

A Few Laws: The penalty for a noble offending a warrior is a few months' imprisonment.

The penalty for smuggling armor is a brief term of servitude.

The penalty for maiming an animal is a long imprisonment.

Recent Events: In a northeastern town a large number of foreigners from the same region have been passing through and there has been a string of kidnappings. Not far away, there has been a dangerous natural disaster. A powerful entertainer may be involved.

In the eastern plains a new religious leader has emerged and there have been many deadly storms.

In a southwestern forest there have been several major earthquakes.

Villages have been attacked by raiding parties in a northern town. In a nearby region, a large number of foreigners from the same region have been passing through. A popular courtesan may be involved.

Near a northwestern province there has been a string of kidnappings and there are rumors of a conspiracy.

Near the southeastern township a traveling actor has gone missing and a new religion is growing in power.

Notable Individuals: Seak, the young diplomat who has been asking all the wrong questions. Rumors say that he has some problems with young scions. He can usually be found at one of several homes.

Isy'acor, the unhappily married, well-connected guild leader who is on everyone's guest list. He has more allies than enemies. He can usually be found downtown. He is solidly-built with tanned skin and dirty blond hair. The avaricious guild leader Trollacan is his ally.

Craivoe, the young, passionate noble who is an open heretic. He has many enemies. The scheming artist Fa'or is his ally. The dashing entertainer Jear is his friend.

Army: Anear's army is famed for its lone-wolf champions and the use of light crossbows. They are also known for using reformed pirates. They are famous for their pride and for refusing to ever surrender. Each faction contains 7 units made up of 15 companies of 310 soldiers. This equals to a standing army of 32,550 men. They have a highly informal chain of command, with ranks based on merit. At the moment, they are celebrating a hard-won victory.

Current Fashion: This style favors minimalistic, form-fitting dark violet garments. Tops are typically long sleeved with conservative necklines. Gloves and gorgets are popular accessories. Plaid patterns and collars and buttons are staples of the style. Dark blue-violet, golden-brown, and pale blue are also common colors. Men and women wear very different clothing.





One month Premium

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 8:48 PM

Well I caved. I couldn't see how I'd make enough points for a year's premium and really wanted one. So here we are for 31 days at least.  Until December 7th I am a premium member, until I can make enough points, or someone can sweetly give me for a gift more time, lol?

Also doing a new series of photomanipulations of ghostly women and their colorful auras. Check out the four I have so far... two women in white, or White Ladies. One Woman in Gray, or Gray Lady, and one Woman in Purple. Or of course as it would be, Purple Lady.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: My brother and dad in the kitchen
  • Reading: Numreous books
  • Watching: my computer screen
  • Playing: Destiny, and CoD AW
  • Eating: nuthing
  • Drinking: nothing


Line Art Coloring
Lion 0 lineart colored by ZhaneAugustine
Bianca Version 2 by ZhaneAugustine
Leone Line Art colored by ZhaneAugustine
Panthro lineart Colored by ZhaneAugustine
Scout the Growlithe by ZhaneAugustine
Gloves Be Rollin' Colored by ZhaneAugustine

If you have line art, but can not seem to color it in, OR have time to color it in, I will be happy to do so for you if you like. Please do not, I'm still NEW at it, so its not always going to come out looking awesome.

It should take me some time as well because I do live a hectic offline life, but I'd be happy to try my best for you. Just tell me what you'd like via note or whatever and we'll go from there.

Stories and Digital art Pt. Commisions
Stories (clean tickle, nothing fetish or bad)
Art: That takes me at least an hour or more
Stories and digital art Pt. Commissions
Stories (non tickle)
Easy art (five minute minimum for me to do)


Written on Your Heart by TinyMintyWolf

It is the vision and the impact along with the technique that got me to click on this. The colors are outstanding, and excellently plac...

Korra Deer TF by EduartBoudewijn

This thing caught my eye right off the bat! The idea of turning her into a deer and then going from there is unique, and stand out alon...

Flora Pencil Test by j3px
by j3px

Solid movement, solid lining. And an eighties show, that just makes this brilliant. I do admit I do not remember everything about Jayce...

PokeWeen 2012 by MetalShadowOverlord

This is a very cute piece. You can see the playfullness in the drawing, in the lines and in that cute little Misdriveous hanging out th...


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This is me in all my me ness.
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Okay I admit it, I am a dork.

Current Residence: planet earth
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Favourite cartoon character: Transformers
Personal Quote: Live Long and art well

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