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September 21, 2010
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     Lucy Heartfilia, sat on the towel as she stared at the water on the beach. Her bikini top was orange with tiger stripes. Rather than make every mans' nose bleed at the sight of her totally exposing a lot of skin, she wore some shorts that were dark red, with a belt. She smiled, and lowered her eyes as a few guys passed by, their faces growing redder than her shorts. Okay, there's not much wrong with getting the guys to do what I want with my natural talent.


     The warm air felt so good against her soft pink skin. Lucy wrinkled her toes in the sand, and giggled as a jogger nearly tripped over his legs. "Nice day, isn't it?" she asked with a sly wink.

    "Well, um… yeah," he stuttered, trying to hide his blushing face. The young blonde giggled fiercely at him, and ran her fingers through her hair. "Um, would you like me to rub some sunscreen on," he gulped. "You know, so you're pretty body doesn't get burned?"

    "Awwww, aren't you cute?" she teased. "But I just put on a fresh batch a little while ago, see?" She lifted her a long leg, letting the light glance across her skin. He nearly fainted at the sight, and shook his head. "See, all done!"

    "Oh, okay," he gulped and slowly turned away, leaving the young member of the Fairy Tail Guild. It was too bad, he seemed nice, kind of like Natsu. But there was only one Natsu, so too bad for this guy.


     After a while, she got to her feet, and walked towards a medium sized building with what appeared to be a drinking sign on top. The bikini clad woman entered the building and sat down. Behind the counter there worked a very old woman, with gray hair and bulging eyes. She stared at the younger woman and turned back to her washing glasses.

    "Can I help you?" she asked, eventually.

     "Its about time," Lucy growled. "I've been sitting here for like, a good long time now, and you just now decided to ask me if I wanted something? How rude, I was planning on leaving in a few minutes if you hadn't done anything."

     Still the old woman continued to work, her back to the young blonde. With a free hand she motioned to the room, which was packed with chairs and tables, and very few patrons. Actually no patrons at all. The building looked a lot longer on the inside than the outside. It was like a meeting hall actually. Everything was wooden and brown. "Does this look like a restaurant or a pub to you?"

    "Well, kind of," Lucy said, her eyes twitching. The old woman turned and glared at her. "Well if its not, then what is it?"

    "It used to be a pub, that much is true, but now… well not many people come here at all anymore." She turned and stared at the girl, and smiled for just the briefest of seconds that it made Lucy's skin crawl. "But it is nice to have a visitor. I was considering selling the place."

    "Well then, I'm glad I came in," Lucy said. "Is there anything to drink?"

    "I have some lemonaide in the fridge," she said, walking towards the device. With the quickness of a cheetah she returned with the glass, sitting next to Lucy. "There you are," she said.

     Lucy's eyes were so wide she had to bat her head back and forth to make them return to normal size. "Wow, you're quick for a woman of your years."

    "There are a lot of surprises, my dear, in this world," she said, placing her leathery hand on the girl's hips.

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?" Lucy asked with a squeak as she took her glass.

    "Oh, my apologies, my dear, I didn't hurt you, did I?" The old woman turned her head and tapped her chin in worry.

    "Well, no harm done," Lucy said, rubbing her hips. "Actually it kind of tickled." She took a sip of the lemonade and looked at it. "Wow, this is so good, I haven't had anything this good in a long time!" She took another gulp from the glass and started to giggle. "Why don't many more people come here?"

     The old woman chuckled. "Well, just not that many word of mouth, I suppose." She reached out and gently poked Lucy in her stomach, just right above her navel. The blonde squeaked and swatted her hand away.

    "Stop that," she said with a slight giggle. "Seriously you shouldn't do something like that. Didn't you know that?"

    "You have the voice and tone of an aristocrat," the old woman said, leaning back. "I used to work for them a long time ago."

    "My father is a man of wealth, but I gave that all up to follow my dreams, and join the Fairy Tail Guild." The blonde took yet another gulp of the liquid, letting its ice cool touch fill her body.

    "I see. You have the hint of Celestial Magic about you, I suppose you are very strong."

     Lucy blushed and shrugged. "Yes, I do use Celestial Magic, and I can guess I am very strong." She finished drinking the glass, and asked for a second. The old woman smiled, and poked the girl's sides again, making Lucy eek and giggle. "My you are a touchy one, aren't you?"

    "You have no idea, young lady," the woman cackled.

     Lucy took a second glass, letting the wonderful drink flow in her, and then stopped. Wait, she cackled? Is she a … witch?


     The young woman didn't have much of a chance to consider that. Blackness quickly took over her, and she fainted.


     When she woke up, she found her arms were tied high above her head. They were held to a pole by a pair of handcuffs. Lucy struggled and yanked at her wrists, but she was held tight. "What is going on here?" she howled in anger.

    "You are very pretty when you are angry, my dear," the old woman said, slinking from the shadows.

    "You, you are a witch! What do you want from me?"

    "No, not a witch, but I am good with herbs that I can put into my drinks." She smiled and approached the bikini clad girl. "My, my, such a beautiful stomach you have. You're skin is so clean and new. I approve."

     Lucy felt her eyes widen. "You pervert, let me go! I'm not into women!"

    "To be honest, neither am I," the old woman said with a cackle. "At least not the way you fear I mean. No, I just enjoy skin, not the other more sensual things. A good few young men have been where you are too, just for your information." Her leathery face stretched as she smiled, and a finger shot forward to brush against Lucy's belly. Ever so slightly she twirled her finger across it in a circular motion.

    "Stop, don't touch me," Lucy howled. She jerked away, and looked for the door, or a window for help. But there was nothing but blackness, besides a lone candle on a shelf.

    "Oh, you can cry for help, but it won't do much good," the old woman laughed. "We're in my basement, which is a good twenty feet under the ground! No one can hear." She moved her hand over the girl's stomach and slowly scribbled with her fingers. "Now, how about a sweet laugh for me, eh?"

    "No, no I won't laugh," she whimpered, twisting from the hand, her heart pumping. "You are a weirdo, sick and disturbed. I'm not going to laugh for you."

     The old woman cackled again, and pulled a chair from the shadows, sitting down in front of the girl. "That's what everyone tells me, but they all do laugh in the end." Her hands clutched Lucy by her hips and kneading her there, holding her still so she couldn't wiggle as much. "Tickle, tickle."

     Lucy shook her head, her blonde hair thrashing in her face, brushing against her brown eyes. She gasped and wheezed, trying to fight the laughter back. If she could get a key, to summon someone to help her. Anyone but Aquarius. She'd probably so enjoy me like this. "Get off, get off me!" Lucy tried to kick, but the chair blocked her legs from doing that.

    "Such a violent young woman," the old woman croaked, tugging on her shorts to expose a few more areas of her hips. "Its not nice to kick a woman who gave you something to drink!"

    "You gave me poison to knock me out!" Lucy howled. She bit her lips, and looked down to see the old woman press her lips against her smooth skin. The cracked lips against her belly was only worse as the elderly woman blew on her stomach. "Naaaaaaa, haha!" Lucy gasped and shut her mouth again, whimpering as the old woman turned to her hips.

    "You see there, a laugh! And that's just the start!" The old woman's dark blue eyes twinkled. "I can see a smile across your face," she teased. "You are losing the battle." Her hands released Lucy's hips, and dug deep into the soft flesh of her stomach, wiggling and pressing inward, and then darting to different areas of Lucy's stomach and repeating the action. "I call this maneuver the tickling spiders. No where on your soft, beautiful skin is safe!"

   "Stop," Lucy whimpered. She twisted and twirled, but the woman pressed further, blocking her straight against the wall. "No, please, no, I can't take … take it, hehehe, hahaha!"

    "There we go," the woman cackled. Her fingers tickled along the edges of Lucy's stomach. "A good spot here!" Slowly her index fingers slid down and then down and down again, moving inward of her stomach. "You like using your figure to get men to notice you, you like using it to show of your sexiness, well I suppose its worked to your disadvantage this time!" She threw her head back and laughed. "If you hadn't exposed your belly like this, you'd not be in this situation!"

    "Nohoho, ahahahahahahahaha, stahahahahahahahap, oh gawd nohohohohohohohohohohohohoho!" Lucy's will broke and she thrashed as bad as she could as the laughter poured out of her. "Please stop tickling me, please! Don't tickle my feet or anything else!" God, my feet, I'll die!


    "Actually I prefer only hips and stomachs, my dear," the old woman laughed. "Although I do like this little digit." She poked her index finger deep into Lucy's navel, and wiggled it.

     The young woman's eyes went wide and she tossed her head back, groaning as it hit the brick behind her, as she roared with laughter. "AHAHAHA NO, I… I HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, CAHAHAHAHAN'T TAKE IT THERE, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, PLEASE TAKE YOUR FINGER OHOHOHOUT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    "Ah, the weak area! Good!" The old woman cork screwed her finger back and forth in the navel, letting the tip of her finger brush against the very back of Lucy's belly orifice. "Tickles so much, doesn't it?" she teased.

    "YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, GOD YES IT TICKLES TOO MUCH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lucy began to whimper and cry, as the woman tortured her navel with all of her fingers, and raspberried into it. "PLEASE I CAHAHAHAN'T BREATHE!"

     The old woman finally gave her a break, letting her slump across the wall. She walked away, and returned with a towel. She patted Lucy dry, and then slipped her some more lemonade. The girl passed out again.


     When she woke, she was still tied to the wall, and the old woman was ready. "Oh, god, no, not again! My friends will find me, they'll stop you!"

    "Actually this basement has a magic spell on it," she laughed. "One year here, is equal to three hours out there," she nodded towards the stairs and the beach." She smiled. "I only tickled you for less than twenty minutes in basement time. You've only been gone a few minutes up stairs."

     Lucy's eyes widened and she turned her gaze away from the old croon. "Let me go," she said softly.

    "I will, but I intend to get payment for that lemonade. And this is how I enjoy getting my payment!" Lucy cried out in protest, but the old woman launched at her, ten bone thin fingers digging and pressing against her stomach.


    "I'm mean?!" the old woman growled, and tickled a bit harder, pressing against Lucy's left hip.


     The old woman lessened her tickling, but didn't stop completely. Once again her index slipped into Lucy's navel, and the young blonde laughed so hard she started to cough. The old woman tickled her off an on for an hour, and then stopped.

    "Now, ask me one thing, whose belly is this?" she teased, pointing at Lucy's stomach.

    "Its mine," the heaving girl growled.

    "Its whose?" the woman said, her voice snarling. Her fingers darted from one area to another, wiggling and sliding across Lucy's soft skin.


    "Try again," the old woman said, raspberry her belly and navel.


    "Swearing at your host gets you more," the old lady snapped, and inserted her finger into Lucy's navel. "Now, repeat after me. This belly, is your's, miss."


    "Its mine, after all, I'm using it," the woman teased. "A sweet, and so soft tickle toy. I'm tempted to keep you here forever!"

   "OH GAWD NOHOHOHOHOHOHO PLEASE, PLEASE STAHAHAHAHAP!" Her eyes were bulging, and she insanely looked down, quivering as those sharp, leathery digits tormented her skin. "OHKAY, OKAY, ITS YOURS! ITS YOUR BELLY!"

    "My toy!" the woman said with a smile, her fingers tickling the ever growing pinkish red skin.

    "YOUR TOY, ITS YOUR TOY, NOW PLEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHOP!" Lucy cried. Drool inched away from her mouth and dropped on her shoulder.

     The old woman looked up and smiled. She turned and walked away, bringing a towel and a glass of white green liquid. "Now that was fun," she teased. She pressed the glass against Lucy's lips, and made her drink. "I'll remember this for a long time!" Then to the girl's surprise, she let her go.

    "Just remember, those that flaunt their sexuality, usually have that very action bite them in the butt. The drink I gave you will restore your strength. But you better promise me you'll stop teasing people with that body with yours…. Or I'll return to tease it. And next time, I'll never stop. In fact, next time every part of your body will get it!"

    "Wait, you tortured me to teach me a lesson?" Lucy asked, totally bewildered.

    "Well, that… plus its fun!" The woman cackled again. "I did exaggerate how long you stayed here. Time does move quicker here than outside, but only by a day, not a year. You've been gone for about ten minutes from the outside world.

    "How could you be so cruel!" Lucy snapped.

    "How could you? Look at how many boys and men you teased with your skin?"  she asked, eying her carefully. "You're a good girl, you really don't need to use your flesh to get what you want."

    "I guess," Lucy said, still unsure she could be allowed to go free.

    "Vanity is a weapon of destruction, remember that." The old woman snapped her fingers, and Lucy found herself outside on her towel.

    "Hey, there you are," Natsu said, approaching her. "What the heck happened to you? I came here about ten minutes and you were totally gone!"

    "An old woman was keeping me captive and torturing me over there," she said, jamming her finger at the building.

     Natsu looked and frowned. "Where?"

     Lucy turned and looked, and gasped. There was no building there at all. Just more sand. "But I don't understand," she whined.

    "You say she tortured you? How?"

    "Um, never mind that," she said with a shudder. "I guess I must have been dreaming."

    "Were you?" a familiar voice asked. The two looked up and saw an old woman with an old man walking by. She didn't recognized the man, but the woman she knew all too well. "Careful of your certainty young lady. It can lead to hysterics." She winked, and the two elderly people disappeared around a corner.

    "What on earth was that about?" Natsu asked.

    "Umm never mind, look, its getting kinda late for me, I think we should just be getting back to the others."

    "You sure?" he asked, looking up as she stood and pulled a shirt over her body. She nodded.

    "Well then, okay. Lets go.

a request story for karma beetle
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