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June 20, 2010
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A Ticklish Ice Witch

     Note: This story takes place during the early stages of the fourth book of the series. Also keep an understanding that while I do like Harry Potter, I'm not a major fan, so there might be some things that aren't canonical. If there's something I wrote that's not canonical I do apologize.



Annie stepped off of the train and looked up at the large castle that served as the school for wizards and witches, Hogwarts. She blinked, feeling her heart skip a beat. She was still shocked that she had powers, though even as a child she froze the water in the shower more times than she could count.</P>

     And now she was here, holding on to her letter of acceptance as she walked up, moving passed the other kids. Her long brown hair blew in her eyes and she brushed it aside. A few girls looked at her, and she smiled at them. A few smiled back, others; those that seemed to be queen bees glared at the new arrival.

     She managed to find the entrance of the school and then followed a number of kids to the main hall, where a tall, elderly man looked on at them.

    "That's Headmaster Dumbledor," one of the older girls said. "He's a very kind and patient man."

     They listened to the headmaster speak, to welcome those who had returned to the school, and to those who were new to the school. After a while, he finished, and the kids turned and ate their first meal at their school.


     Annie was given a 'dorm' that she would be a part of, judged by her talents and was sent on her way to find the area. But the poor girl got hopelessly lost. The school was so much larger than what she had thought it would. She nearly thought it was going to be a disaster, when a flash of movement caught her eyes.

     Annie frowned and moved towards the motion, toward a small room. "Hello? Is there someone there?" For a long time there was nothing, and Annie huffed and turned to walk away, when she heard voices. Annie blinked, and turned around in time to see a man carrying his head in his arms looking straight at her. The girl opened her mouth and screamed.


The ghostly man sighed and shook his head, or rather his shoulders, his eyes rolling. "Freshmen," he muttered before disappearing. </P>

    "Whose there?" A male voice shouted. Feet charged forward toward the screaming young witch, and a strong hand clamped over her shoulder, which made her scream even louder.

    "Whoa, wait a minute, calm down," the boy said. He was tall, with bright red hair and mischief in his eyes. Good natured mischief, perhaps as if he had been running away form a prank he had just pulled.

    "I trusted you and you tricked me like that?" came an identical voice. A second boy came into the room, his features exactly like the other boy.

    "Twins?" Annie asked with a blink.

    "Observant, isn't she?" the first of the boys said. He turned and smiled. "My name is Fred Weasley, the other guy is my brother George."

    "Don't let him trick you," his brother laughed. "I'm Fred, and he's George." He looked at his brother, and punched him in his shoulder. "Buffoon," he chuckled.

    "Its nice to meet you both, my name is Annie. I'm kinda lost, I need to get to my dorm here."

    A younger red haired boy and a boy with a lightning scar on his forehead joined them, and was introduced as the twin's younger brother Ron and their friend Harry Potter. Annie's eyes got wide. "I've heard that name before," she said. Harry smiled and backed up a bit sheepishly.

    "Wow, he's so humble," she giggled.

    "Thank you," he said. "But I must say, if you need help getting to your dorm we could help. Hogwarts can be a bit confusing the first time you come here."

     Annie smiled and nodded.


     They talked as they walked toward the dorm. She had to admit, the twins were really funny. They were a challenge, those two. Their brother seemed to sigh and roll his eyes as they joked, with Harry normally just quite or asking Annie a few questions about herself.

     Fred took the time to tell the group what he and George had done right before they had heard Annie shriek. They had just slipped their little sister Ginny's shampoo with a hair dye. "She's really going to be in for a shock when she gets out of the shower tomorrow."

    "That is mean!" Annie laughed. "But I suppose that's what you get when you have older brothers."

    "That's not even the worst,"  Ron said with a smile. "One time they tied her to a tree and tickled her with a feather for an hour!"

     Annie shuddered. Tickling, wow. She was so incredibly ticklish that she was itching just with the word. Of course the boy seemed to notice that.

    "You wouldn't be ticklish too, are you, Annie?" George asked with a smirk.

     Her heart skipped. "Um… no."

    "I think she might be, after all most girls are," Fred said. He turned and crossed his arms. "But I suppose there is one way to know for sure."

     Ron and Harry just sighed and rolled their eyes. "Guys, she really needs to get to her dorm, you know," Harry said.

    "Oh no worries, she'll get there," the twins said in unison. They winked at each other and pulled out their wands, "Gargarlia!" they shouted in unison.

     Annie felt her body grow stiff and her arms rose by themselves. "No, wait… okay yes I'm ticklish, I'm very very ticklish!"

    "Maybe, but we'll see," George said. He waved his wand and a light blue light encircled  the young girl. It twirled around her and then bathed her in its radiance. "Koochie coo!"

     The light embraced her and snuggled up close, tickling her cheeks and neck. "Ahaa, no don't tickle me!" she cried.

     Fred had other ideas. Instead of using his wand to tickle her, the trickster approached her and squeezed her sides and hips. "I rather like doing things the old fashioned way."

    "Ahaha no stahahahahop," Annie tried to wiggle but the more she did, the more the light wrapped closer to her and slid around her body, tickling her with the feeling of a dozen feathers. "Teehee, stahahahop."

    "How about her ribs," George said. He waved his wand, and the light pressed against her ribs, squeezing them, playing them like piano keys. "I bet this tickles huh?"

    "Ahaha, help me! Please help meheheheh," she cried. She turned and looked at Harry and Ron who were both blushing but smiling. "Come on, and help!"

      Ron blushed wider but smiled. "Well if you really want me too," he laughed. His brothers turned to glare at him, and a bit of hope swelled in Annie, until she saw him pick up a large blade of grass and approach her. Ron slipped off her shoes and then her socks.

    "Waahahahahair, what are you doing?" she laughed, her eyes growing wide. "Not my fehehehet, please not my feet tooohohohhohoho." But it was pointless for her to beg. Ron was already sliding the grass around her soles, and toes. "AHAHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHOHO AHAHAHAHA I'M TICKLISH ALREADY AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

     Harry put his hand on his head and groaned. "Well, I guess they're not really hurting her. And she seems kind of happy."

    "I'M NOHOHOHOT HAPPY, COME OHOHOHOHOHHON. MAKE THEHEHEHEM STAHAHAHAOP!" Annie said with a shriek of girlish laughter.

    "Sure, but I guess I kinda want some fun too real quick." He smiled and poked her sides and belly with his wand. "Hmmm seems she's really ticklish there too." Harry smiled and tickled her stomach. His fingers edged near her navel as her shirt lifted up from what small bit of wiggling she managed to do.

    "COME ON FOUR ON OHOHOHOHOHONE? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAHAHAHAHAN'T STAND THIS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Secretly the young girl was glad she was laughing so hard, as it the redness was hiding her blushing. This was rather fun, and these four were pretty good at tickling.

     George and Fred were tickling her under her arms and her sides now. Harry was really working over her ribs and belly and navel, while Ron was tickling her feet and toes. The bright green blades slide around and around her toes. Ron even managed to grab her heel and hold it so that he could slid the grass slowly underneath her toenails.

    "OHOHOHOHOH GAHAHAHAWD! NO, I CAHAHAHAN'T TAKE THAHAHAHAHAHAHAT!" Annie knew her toes were really ticklish, but she had no idea how bad it could tickle underneath her toe nails. She never even thought how sensitive that bit of flesh would be… so protected by the nails as they were. "STAHAHAHAHAOP NOW, I MEAN IT! AHAHAHAHAHA, TEHEHEHEHE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

      She should have been gasping and reading for new puffs of oxygen, but the spell the twins had used on her was granting her as much oxygen as she was using to laugh. It was as if they had just barely started in tickling her.

    "Ron, let me have a piece of grass, please," Harry said. His best friend nodded and held out a piece. Harry took it, and slid it across her stomach, twirling it like a little tornado inside her navel.

    "OHOHOHOH SHSHSHSHIHIHIHIHIHIHIIT!" Annie cried, shutting her eyes as if doing so was going to block her the feeling of the tickling. "STAHAHAHAHAOP!"

    "Having fun?" George asked with a laugh of his own.


    "I think you are," Fred said, tickling the backs of her knees. "Say you are and we'll stop!"


    "I don't think you will," George said, with a twinkle in his eye. He moved towards her back and tickled there.

    "YEHEHEHEHESE I WILL!" Annie shrieked with a new breed of girlish laughter.

    "Nuh, uh. George is right, you're so having fun," Fred added. "Tell you what, you say you're having fun, and we'll stop!" He brushed Harry aside for a moment, and rasberried Annie's stomach numerous times, making the girl howl with laughter.

    "Seriously, perhaps we should stop," Harry said, raising an eyebrow. "Its been nearly ten minutes."


    "Say you are having fun and you'll be free," Fred chuckled.

    "OHOHOHOHOKAY OKAY, I'M HAVING FUN! JUHUHUHUST STOP TIHIHHIHICKLING ME!" She swallowed and flexed her muscles for the first time in ten minutes.

     The blue light floated away slowly, and Annie dropped to the ground. She started to pant, and rubbed the receding tickling sensations from her body. "You guys are jerks."

     Harry sighed and helped her up. "I do apologize, I didn't mean to go that far, and I doubt they did either," he said, glancing the brothers.

    "Harry's right," Ron said with a nod. "I mean, I enjoy tickling Ginny out of her mind too, being her as much a big brother as they are, but we can go too far."

    "Its okay," Annie said. "That was rather fun, and I admit it was a great way to help me unwind my fears of being in a new place." It was her turn for her eyes to twinkle. Annie raised her hands in the air and a few shards of soft ice shot forward at the four boys who jumped and screamed like girls. "But the next time ya all try tickling a girl, make sure she's not an ice queen, okay?" she asked with a wink.

     The boys blinked at her and the melting ice shards at their feet before laughing, and showing her rest of the way to her dorm. The year was definitely going to be interesting. That much was definitely so.

For Annie!
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