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June 1, 2010
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     It was a pleasant, sunny morning as Kate turned the key of her truck and switched the engine off. A few soft white clouds rolled across the sky and a flock of Pidgey's soared across the horizon like miniature boats on the sea. Kate rotated her shoulders, gave a few stretches and then opened up the back end of her trunk.

     Row, after row of bottles of Moo Moo Milk were lined against the silvery wall, each with the smiling face of a Miltank logo on the front. They had come a long way from Johto to get to the Oichi region. But for her companies customers, the wait would be well worth it.

     Oichi was a large region of the country. Unlike most areas, it actually had twelve gyms across its space.  AutumnLily was the largest of the towns, and considered by many the capital of the region. Surrounded by many beautiful species of trees and the fresh smell of fragrant Autumn Lily flowers from which the metropolis had been named, brought back memories of growing up in the outskirts of the city for the young woman. Kate smiled, her brown hair shining in the morning sun. So many fond memories.

     She shook her head, brushing the hair out of her eyes and fixed her glasses properly to her face. Then she reached in, and grabbed a box of the milk, and walked up towards the first house. She delivered her package, took the payment, and quickly went to the next house and the next.

    "Nice day, isn't it?" Ms. Shina Otiwana said with a bright smile, petting her pet Houndoom.

    "It is very nice," Kate said with a smile. "I just wish I could finish up here though, its nearly noon, and I still have at least five blocks to cover!"

     Shina laughed, her golden hair bouncing as she did. "That's what you get when you work for the largest dairy company in the city of almost one hundred thousand!"

    "Yes, well you'd think that company could afford to hire more hands, so the work's not so hard," Kate teased. Her boyfriend would always tease her, asking if she wanted less money for more competition. Shina also asked the same thing. "At least I could relax a bit," Kate winked. "I've saved up quite some money, he and I wouldn't suffer too much if my pay was cut a bit."

     The two women said good bye, and Kate went on to continue her deliveries. It was nearly three in the afternoon when she finally reached the large botanical garden just outside the city, perhaps a half hours walk from the area she had grew up in.

      Here the largest collection of flowers and plants were stored for the many festivals, not to mention the decorations for the AutumnLily Gym, whose leader, Sydney, was a grass Pokemon master. Rows of colors surrounded her as she picked up the last box of Moo Moo Milk, and began walking towards the front door. Reds, greens, yellows, pinks, every color of blue. Different shades of white just mixing around like a painting tablet, or almost as if in a Poffin bowl, ready to stir into candy. Daffodils, snapdragons, morning glories, violets, roses of every color. Blades of grass both green, blue and green blue. Twelve elegant Weeping Willows and another twelve Apple Trees after that lined the path directly to the front door of the garden.

     Kate was so taken in by the colors, the variety, the smells, and the box in front of her face, she didn't even notice the sign warning of the new guard Pokemon. Slowly, but surely she made her way towards the door, without ever noticing she was being watched.

     It wasn't until she had just set the box down, and straightened up, fixing her light blue and white milk girl uniform, that she heard an uneasy rustling behind her. A chill went up her spine, and Kate swirled to look behind her, but her blue eyes saw nothing. There was an odd moment, and then she turned and knocked on the door.

    "Yes?" came a female voice from an intercom system. It belonged to Michelle, who owned this garden, with her husband.

    "Moo Moo Milk deliveries," Kate spoke into the other end. That's odd, they've never had security here before.


    "Oh yes, I forgot today was the first of the month," Michelle said with a cheerful laugh. "I actually am in the middle of something right now, if I could bother you, could you bring the milk to the back of the house? I'll open the gates."

    "Well, I suppose there is no harm in that," Kate answered. Truthfully she just wanted to go home, but along with flowers, they raised many water Pokemon to keep the garden moist, which took the owners a great deal of time to care for. And it wasn't as if she'd never dropped behind the garden before.

    "Thank you, dear!" Michelle said. There was a loud buzz, and the gate by the side of the house swished open. Kate grunted a second to pick up the box of milk, and began walking towards the back. "Just put them in the shed area. I'll be there shortly to pay you."

    "Okay," Kate replied. She began walking, and stalled just long enough to see something move in the long grass. Her heart skipped a beat, but she decided to think nothing of it, and moved on.


    Kate put the box of milk down, and sat on a stall of hay, sighing. That was over, now she just needed to get paid, and she could leave. She looked at her watch, plenty of time to stop at the store, get what she needed after returning the truck, and then return home. And Michelle should be here soon. She leaned back and sighed, slipping off her Moo Moo Milk hat, and waved it over her face, cooling herself.

     That's when she saw it. Not one nor two, but four little bumps in the grass. It looked as of something was swimming in those blades of green. Her eyes scanned the area. The water Pokemon were busy doing their jobs, having taken little notice of Kate. She'd been here before and when she didn't there were others from the company who had. They were used to her. But whatever was in the grass was picking up steam… a kind of aggressive steam, like sharks smelling blood in the water and rushing in. Kate's heart skipped a beat, and she barely managed to leap to her feet, when three vines shot from the grass, and grabbed her ankles.

    "Hey!" Kate gasped, yanking at the vines which were pulling her towards the bundle of moving blades, moving… vines? Her eyes widened. Six medium sized Tangela and one Tangrowth waddled from the grass, eying her very carefully. "Where did you all come from?"

     The Pokemon continued to stare at her, and looked at each other, speaking in the language only Pokemon can speak and understand. Then they turned and shot more vines, pinning her down. "Tangela!" one of them growled, jumping up and down, his eyes seeming very alert and angry. "Tangela, Tangela!"

    "Let go of me! What do you think you're doing?!" Kate howled. She pulled and yanked, but the vines were strong. And they were pulling her closer to them. She turned and called out for help from the water Pokemon, who seemed confused for a moment, but in their duty simply returned to work. They weren't alarmed by these grass Pokemon in the least, which was odd, because Kate had never known the garden to keep actual Grass Pokemon.

     The Tangrowth grasped her ankles and lurched her forward, to a sea of arching tentacles and vines. Kate wasn't sure what was about to happen, until they managed to yank off her shoes, and slip off her socks. Then she noticed the playful meanness in their eyes. Her heart jumped and she tried to leap to her bag, but was pulled back away from it.

    "Oh no, no no no no no no no!" she whimpered. She barely had time to fix her glasses when the first of the vines bent her toes back, and two or three of them slowly slid down her left sole. Like an electric shock, her body went tense, and the young woman held her breath. Up and down the vines strolled, and stroked. Right down the center. A new vine slipped around her large and second toe, wiggling between them. "Stop," she gasped.

    "Tangrowth," the massive Pokemon leader said in a harsh voice, as if accusing her of something. A vine shot from his body, and began poking her stomach. "Tangrowth, Tangrowth!"

    "I sahahahaid stop," she began to giggle. Kate wiggled and struggled, but the vines held her to the ground, and from the corner of her eyes she spied one of the grass Pokemon rushing off crying its name, as if to alert someone.

     She didn't have much time to speculate to who that someone might be, as vines were now prodding and tapping at her right sole as well. They felt soft, and leathery with a hint of a feather's fine point. They were very flexable, and managed to wrap themselves around the up stretched toes as well. "Ahahaha, stahahahop!" she cried. She fought again, but she was wrapped up her arms over her head in the vines. The Tangrowth leader had managed to slip just a little bit under her Moo Moo Milk Girl shirt, and discovered her belly button. It seemed to chuckle at her as it dipped its vine in there and wiggle around.

    "COME OHOHOHON NOT THE FEET AND THEHEHEHE BELLY BUHUHUTTON!" Kate threw her head back and screeched with a piercing laugh as the Tangrowth continued swimming his vine in her navel, shoting more vines out to tickle her clothed and bare sides and ribs as well. "OHOHO CRAHAHAHAHAHAP! AHAHAHAH, STAHAHAHOP!"

     Her body lurched closer to the mob, and they were surrounding her now. Too poor Kate's horror, her feet had been sucked into the wriggling bodies of two Tangela. Every single spot on her feet her toes, her arches, her heels, her soles were being tickled wickedly.

     Other Tangela used their vines to crawl under her sleeves and wiggle under her arms, in the center and sides of her pits. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GAHAHAHAHAD MAKE IT STAHAHAHAHOP!"

Her face was bright red with laughter, and still she was tickled silly. The Tangrowth seemed to look off in the distance with a vexed expression in its eyes, as if wondering where the rouge Tangela had gone, or what was taking it so long. But as it decided it there was no need of worry, it turned her attention back to her belly, and navel. One vine wiggled like a worm inside of it, while two others tickled the top and bottom tips of it at different speeds.


     The Tangrowth, and Tangela seemed honestly distressed at Kate's growing agitation, and one or two of them floated a sweet scent around her face, calming her body. Slowly the tickling ebbed for a few minutes as she gasped and struggled for breath. "Lehehehet me gohoho," she snapped in fits of ragged breath. "What have they trained you to do? Did yohohou just slip in here to cauauase some problems?"

    "Tangrowth, Tangrowth, growth, growth," the lead Pokemon barked at her, as if demanding answers to its own questions.

     Kate frowned, the tickling sensation still rushing throughout her whole body. In its earnestness to really tickle her belly and navel and ribs, the Tangrowth had unintentionally ripped her shirt, revealing her pink skin underneath. "I dohohohon't speak Pokemon, what do you want?" She glanced at her watch, feeling her eyes widen. Only four in a half minutes of tickling had reduced her to this?! I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, seeing how ticklish I really am, but good grief!

     The Tangela who encased her feet moved forward, their vines brushing against her soles, and making her screech with laughter again. The Tangrowth huffed, and barked want seemed like orders to the others. Soon her sides were being stroked so slow, it was as if a gust of air was brushing past them. The vine inside her navel switched tactics, and what had seemed like a q tip there had the feeling of a feather.

    "SHSHSHIT NO, I CAHAHAHAN'T STAND FEATHERS IN MY BELLY BUTTON, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She tried to fight with what energy had started to return to her from the break, but the vines held her tighter, and the Tangrowth slowly pulled the vine along the side of her belly button until it was out, and just as slowly twirled it back in. "NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, PLEASE, JUST LET ME GOHOHOHOHOHOHOH, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kate began thrashing her head on the ground, thankful that beneath it was a soft patch of green grass. Of course the blades of that grass wiggled against her ears as she did, but that wasn't as worse as what the Pokemon were giving.

     The Tangela tickling her underarms were using four vines a piece now. One, drew circles in the center of her pits. Another dragged its vines slowly across the sides of them, as a third tapped and prodded with his. At least they were all male Tangela and a male Tangrowth, she thought wildly. She'd probably freak if they had been female.

     Kate laughed so hard that she began drooling, her face a bright beat red now, and her body hot with the energy she was using to laugh and struggle. She looked at her watch, seven minutes now, not counting the break. Then she looked out towards the house, and saw a form appear. Of course… she remembered how truly far it was from the barn. It didn't seem too much of a trek if one really looked about it, but if you counted the pens that had to be swerved around, and then the two gates that needed access too from THAT direction, it WOULD have taken a while before someone could come to help her.

     The Tangela decided to tickle Kate's neck and gently tickle the insides of her ear as well, making her eek and screech. "LEHEHEHEHET ME GOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" she howled with laughter. Again the tickling ebbed, and one of the Tangela, on orders from the Tangrowth rushed in the direction of the rouge, apparently to see what had happened to it.

     Kate decided to take advantage of the situation, and let her mind go blank for a second or two. The meditation classes someone at work insisted she take seemed to do the job. Her muscles nearly instantly went wax, and in that second Kate managed to slip her arms free, and lurch for her bag. The Grass Pokemon yelled in alarm, and gripped her ankles even more firmly, but she didn't give them the chance to pull her back. Her hand opened the bag and reached inside.

     Waiting inside was a small Pokeball. A Great Ball to be exact. Kate pulled it out, pressed the button, and tossed it as her wrists were yanked back to the ground. A flash of light bloomed in the barn, and Kate called out her Pokemon by its nickname, pleading it for help.

     Out bounded a small Pokemon no more than six inches in size, and just barely three pounds. It was dark purple, with orange and yellow eyes. It appeared to be like a plum, but its steam wrapped around its back so far that it also kind of looked like a grenade. The Plurnade blinked, and then glared at its trainer's captors in anger.

    "Uhuhuse bullet seed," Kate laughed, as the Tangrowth tickled her ribs.

     The little Pokemon immediately did as it was told, spewing out seeds like a machine gun at the Tangela. The other grass Pokemon attempted to attack, but the Plurnade was quick, and avoided their clumsy attacks.

    "CUHUHUHUT AND THEHEHEHEHEN ABSORB, AHAHAHAHAHA!" Kate was pressed stomach first into the Tangrowth who rubbed its vines all over her abdomen in what seemed like a punishment for trying to fight back. Four or five vines tickled her navel.

     Her Pokemon obeyed flawlessly, sending numerous Tangela flying into the trees and down for the count with the two attacks. Then the little Pokemon turned its attention on her trainer's main tormentor. "Plurnade, nade, nade!" she snarled.

    "Tangrowth, Tangrowth, growth!" he barked back. The vine Pokemon dropped Kate, and charged the little Pokemon.

     Kate called out to her using her nickname, and ordered her to avoid the attack. She called out numerous others as well, and the two Pokemon clashed fiercely, neither giving an inch. The Tangrowth was clearly stronger, but Kate also knew that Plurnades were notorious for their stubbornness and willing to go the extra distance.

      It seemed as though that the Tangrowth's strength would win the day, until Kate heard another woman's voice call out orders of her own. "Resphereoid, use mega tackle!" A purple and white flash of moment soared by Kate, and slammed hard into the Tangrowth, winding it.


    Michelle looked confused and a bit shaking at what was going on, but didn't seemed to be surprised at all after a moment's glance at the younger woman. "We've warned you NOT to take matters this far, Tangrowth! Roll out, Resphereoid!"

     The third form of the electric ball Pokemon obeyed, and knocked Tangrowth clean out. When the dust settled, Michelle turned and helped Kate to her feet. "I am so sorry, I should have warned you about them."

    "When do you keep Grass Type Pokemon here?" Kate gasped, still reeling from her incident.

    "Team Malevolent tried to steal a special pollen we have here about three weeks ago, and my husband thought with all the grass we have that these special Pokemon would be a good deterrent from that happening again." She looked down at the two Tangela who had come to get her, and sighed. "Unfortunately they love what they do. Be glad you weren't considered too much of a threat, they would have used other measures."


    "They used tickling as a way to get you to talk. You're uniform, the white in it anyway probably really looked a lot like the uniform that Team Malevolent uses. I'm sure they thought you were just another grunt and were hoping to get information from you."

     Kate brushed herself off, "Well I do think someone should TELL them that I don't speak Pokemon. And where were you, but the way?"

    "I had spilled a large saucer of Oran Berry Juice all over my kitchen floor," Michelle blushed. "And I asked my husband to install sound proof walls around the kitchen, as the Tangrowth and Tangela and our Water Pokemon really like to go at it in their free time. Makes a ton of noise when they argue.

    "As for them," Michelle looked at the Grass Pokemon, "they seem to forget in their seriousness that human's don't speak their language, or their code."

     Kate raised an eyebrow. "Their code?"

    "So we can understand what they're getting at, their breeder trained them to use a code so that we could understand what they were trying to tell us."

    "Ahh," Kate turned and called her Pokemon back to her ball.

    "Its cute," Michelle said. "And strong, not many Pokemon could have handled Tangrowth as well as she did. Do you have a name for her?" Kate nodded, and told the older woman the Plurnade's nickname.

     Michelle smiled, and nodded. "Actually Resphereoid has a nickname too, just in cases of  emergencies do I actually use its breed name instead of the one I gave him." Michelle called the electric Pokemon by his nickname, and he returned back into its ball.

    "At any rate, I do so apologize for this whole thing, and what you went through." Michelle dug into her purse, and pulled out a large wad of bills. "I've want you to have a nice big bonus along with what we owe your company for all this."

     Kate's eyes went wide, and she found herself smiling. "You don't mind?"

    "No, after what you went through, I don't," Michelle laughed. "Not many people are willing to not scream at another person because of this. And you've been very kind to us, so I want you to have it."

     Kate took the money and smiled wider. She definitely wouldn't have to worry about competition with the new employees to be hired with this amount in the bank. "Then thank you," she said, fixing her uniform to the best of her abilities. She took the money, pocketed it and then nodded. "Anyway, the milk is there in the barn. And I'll see you again next month."

    "I'll make sure the grass Pokemon are put up next time," Michelle laughed.

    "Oh, I'm sure once they see me, they'll steer clear, after all you never know when I might come back with a Plumarin should my partner here evolve." She shot a look at the Tangrowth who was coming too, and worried. "I'm she if she does she'll love that rematch."

     The two women laughed as Michelle escorted Kate to her truck, and then bid her farewell, as the younger woman drove off.  


a story for :iconhomunculuslover:

:iconmirz123: makes a cameo appearance

Stay tune for uploads of pokemon pics from the story too.

[link] -- Plurnade, Kate's partner

[link] -- this is Resphereoid! Michelle's partner
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