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     This is a request. The character is Yoko Littner/Rittona from the series Anime Gurren Lagan. I'm not really familiar with this series, and only once twenty seconds of a fan made video for it on you tube so Yoko might not be totally in character. I did read up on her in wikipedia, and what I saw on the video, I think fits how I'll be writing her, but if nothing is canonical… I truly apologize.




     Yoko muttered and rolled on the bed, her muscles sore. Slowly she managed to open her eyes, but shut them just as quickly as she opened them as light oozed in from everywhere. The red headed woman swore and shook her head. What had happened? She'd been on the hunt of a gunman, when something struck her from behind.


</FONT>She cursed. Her head hurt. But the air around her was remarkably cold. What was she laying on, a slab of some kind? Marble? Yoko did not like wearing very feminine clothes such as dresses or the like as they restricted her movements when she needed the speed to fight in close quarters. Hench, the young woman wore a bikini top and short shorts. She opened her eyes again and noticed that she had indeed been tied onto a slab of marble, with only a pillow over her head. </P>


</FONT>"What is going on here?" she demanded.</P>


</FONT>"Ah, it seems my entertainment has awoken!" a scratchy, dry voice said. There was a scuffling of movement off to her left, and from the shadows a woman in her eighties, her hair gray and greasy glared at the younger woman.</P>


</FONT>"Who are you, and what are you doing with me?" Yoko snarled. She wondered where her compatriots were, especially Kamina. She yanked at her bonds. "What is going on here?"</P>


</FONT>The woman was insanely thin, and looked as if she had lost a few teeth. "I do believe I told you," she said in that horrid voice. Her face was so bitter and ugly it looked as if a gargoyle would freak should it see her. "you are my entertainment."</P>


</FONT>"Wait… I'm not like that, I'm not into other…," Yoko said, her heart beginning to pound.</P>


</FONT>The old woman cackled. She cackled! "I'm not looking for anything like that, my dear," she said, finally managing to stand above Yoko. Her small gray eyes scanned the younger woman like a tiger over a meal. "No, no not at all," she cooed. "I'm more interested in a different kind of entertainment. And I have a very special place in my heart for it as well."</P>


</FONT>"Look, I don't know who you are, but you better let me go," Yoko snarled. She wiggled, her large breasts bouncing as she did. "Let me out of here."</P>


</FONT>"Silence, you do not tell me what to do, I tell you!" she said in a hideous hiss. </P>


There was an awkward moment, and then the old woman placed her dry, thin hand on Yoko's belly. "So tender," the woman said. "So tender and young. Youth have no idea how lucky they are to have such soft skin. How I remember such skin." Her fingers began to gently tapping on Yoko's belly. </P>


</FONT>"Hey! What are you…?" </FONT>Yoko asked, inching from the woman's rough feeling fingers.</P>

    "Hush," the old woman snapped. Her fingers slid easily across Yoko's belly, the tips of her bone thin fingers slowly scrapping the edges of the skin. "You aren't supposed to ask me questions as I enjoy my entertainment."

     Yoko wiggled a bit, moving beyond the woman's touch, and sighed in relief as the itching sensation ceased for a few seconds. The old woman frowned, and pulled her back to her back. She pressed her fingers against Yoko's stomach, and shook her hand, making the sensation seem to vibrate all over the young warrior woman's stomach.

    "Stop that," Yoko growled.

    "No, I have no intention of doing that, not for a while anyway."

     The younger woman whimpered and inched her body upwards, but was yanked down quick. "You stop touching me, you perverted old witch, and you let me go!"

     The woman glared at Yoko eyed her, and narrowed her eyes. "Such a tongue for someone so you," she grumbled. "I think someone ought to teach you a lesson. You don't want to keep your tongue silenced, then I'll help you with that!" The old woman tickled Yoko's stomach harder, really making the tips press against the girl's flesh. "Now you will sing for me!"

     Yoko's eyes went wide and she growled, struggling against her bonds. "You stop," she demanded. "If I was out of these chains…,"

    "But you're not, and thus, you waste your breath…, now laugh, little girl!" the old woman cackled.

     Yoko shut her eyes, and took a big breath, holding it in tight. The tingling sensation was spreading across all of her body. She followed her training, she had to block it somehow. She thought back to her childhood, to the fight against her enemies, to those who she held dear.

     But one particular memory stirred in her, when she remembered Simon and Kamina had double teamed her and tickled her stomach, teasing her that it was her own fault. She remember how bad it had tickled when the two of them surprised her … and how hard she laughed.

     Yoko tried to block that out of her mind, but the more she tried, the more it struck a note. She gritted her teeth, and shut her eyes hard… so hard her eyes began to water.

    "Cat got your tongue, young lady?" the old woman teased. She was using all ten fingers now, kneading them from one spot of Yoko's stomach to the next. Each time she touched the young woman's skin her mouth switched into a turn leathery grin. "Its only a matter of time. But I can wait… just the feel of soft skin against my fingers is enough… for now."

     Her body was heating up. It was as if it was a dam with the water just ready to burst from it, and someone was trying their best to keep it in against all odds. Yoko really wanted to curse, to snarl and swear at the woman, but she knew she dare not open her mouth. A few 'eeping' sounds exploded from her from time to time, and that brought a dark smile to the woman tickling her, but up to this point, that was it.

    "You are very tough, I like that … a challenge," the greasy haired woman said with a smile. "But I've worked up my patience long enough and I so wish to hear you sing now. Perhaps this shall work?" An elongated pinkie poked down into Yoko's navel and scrapped against the bottom of her skin.

     Yoko's eyes went wild and she took a breath to gasp, her throat on fire begging her to let the laughter out now. "Stoooooop," she whimpered.

     The old woman narrowed her eyes, age lines spreading across her skin like the cracks of the walls all over this room. "No." She swirled her finger like it was going down a toilet, the fingers running across the sides of Yoko's navel.


    The crone grinned, her yellow rotten teeth glaring in the light. "There we go, I knew I'd get you to sing. However, I'm not done yet." She spider walked her free fingers across Yoko's belly as she tortured the girl's navel, and sighed as the girl's quivering skin shuddered under her touch.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STAHAHAHAHAOP IT, I'M GOING TO KIHIHIHIHIHILL YOU FOR THIHIHIHIHIS! STAHAHAHAHAHAHOP IT!" Yoko thrashed more, her large breasts bouncing like basketballs being dribbled. For a long time she feared her strap would give out, giving her a wardrobe malfunction. However she didn't seem the old woman would care much. "WHYHYHY ARE YOHOHOHOHOU DOING THIS? WHAT DID I DOHOHOHOHOHOHO TO YOU?!"

    "I'm doing this, because I enjoy it," the old woman growled. "Because it feeds my need for musical laughter like your's. Because I enjoy breaking those who believe these are too strong to be broken." She pulled her pinkie out of the younger woman's navel, lowered her head and blew against Yoko's stomach and navel.

     The sound of the raspberries along with the feeling of the dry, cracking lips of the old woman drove the young warrior mad! "GAHAHAHAHAWD CUT IT OUT! MAKE IT STAHAHAHAHOP!"

    "Like that do you?" she laughed.

    "NOHOHOHOHOHO I DON'T! AHAHAHAHAHAH, TEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE, STAHAHAHAHAHOP IT NOW!" Yoko was laughing hard, her face bright red, her body hot. Sweat trickled down her bare belly. Yoko wasn't sure if she was truly that hot from body heat, or if the room had somehow turned up. "NOW, I MEAN IT, STOP TIHIHIHIHICKLING MY STOMACH!"

     The old woman ignored her demands. Her fingers slid and danced across the girl's stomach, stroking the skin as if it was some kind of instrument. She seemed to be lost in the moment, her eyes shut, her head bobbing as if rocking out to the strange music.

    "I HAVE FRIEEHEHEHEHEHENDS! THEY'LL COME TO GET MEHEHEHEHEHEHE AND THEN YOHOHOHOHOU'LL BE SORRY! AHAHAHAHAHA," Yoko laughed so hard that her throat was dry, and she started to cough violently. The old woman glared at her and ceased for a few moments, letting the girl gather herself.

    "This is your own fault," the old woman snarled. Her eyes seemed to turn darker. "If you had cooperated you wouldn't be suffering."

    "Cohohohooperate with what?!" Yoko cried out. She lay on the slab, thankful for its cool touch, but also disgusted that she was gluing to it as well. "I didn't do anything to you. Are you working with my enemies? How much did they pay you?" She could feel her hair getting loose, her ponytail nearly being undone.

     The old woman looked at her and blinked, then threw her head back and howled with laughter. "Pay me? Child I do this on my own accord, for my own interest, to feed my hunger for laughter." Her eyes turned dark black and she giggled. "And you have such a beautiful laugh."

     Yoko could feel the tension building, and lurched away, "NO!" she pleaded, but the fingers found their marks and began pressing against her skin, like ten bone sharp missiles. The old woman was agile for her age, and her hands darted everywhere on Yoko's stomach, so fast the girl had a hard time keeping up with them. "AHAHAHA GAWD, WILL YOU STAHAHAHAHAHAHOP, I CAN'T TAHAHAHAHAHAKE IT! IF I DID NOTHING TOHOHOHHOHOU YOU, THEN WHY MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE?"

    "I told you, it was your own fault!" the woman growled. "Now allow me to enjoy my feast!" The old woman took a breath, shot down and raspberried again… and again… and again, her hot breath stinging as well as making the skin around Yoko's navel tingle. "Yes, that is right, laugh, my pretty, laugh for me."

      Yoko's throat closed in on itself, and she could only laugh silently, her body reacting to the touch, but as if someone had put her on mute. The old witch cackled saying that silent laughter worked just as good as normal laughter too.

     Her mean eyes glowed as tears streamed down Yoko's eyes face, the younger woman's lips quivering as the torturous endurance continued. The skin of her belly was now a hot pink with all the touches. She no longer had what she needed to try and struggle and lay limp as the crone gently ran the tips of her fingers across her skin.

    "Whahahahahahat do you mehehehehean its my fault?! Hehehehehehehehe, hahhahahahaha!" Yoko cried, her voice silent and sounding raspy.

    "You haven't figured it out?" the crone cackled again. "Its your wardrobe my dear. Girls who wear clothing that exposes their skin are just asking to be tickled to death. Especially those who bare their bellies." Her slim finger wiggled in Yoko's navel again. The girl lost count how many times she had done that. "Ah, youth, your skin is so new, so close to those precious nerves. Its just wonderful hearing your laughter!"

     Anger flared in Yoko. The boys' had said the same thing when they tickled her belly. She thrashed more, and began cursing at the woman through her laughter. "Get off of me!" she shouted.

     The old woman ignored her, still tickling her, disregarding that the girl wasn't laughing as much. The touch of her soft skin was just as good as the laughter. And she planned on doing this for a good long time. She wouldn't kill Yoko. Not yet. A few weeks of play would finally bring her to be bored enough for that… but of course that meant she had so many weeks to explore and tickle this adorable belly.


     The crone's smile widened. "Ah, the next to last chain of resistance," she muttered. "I hoped to have heard it later than now, but I'm sure you're resistance will be just as strong once you know you're never going to leave this place. You see, your belly is my toy now. It belongs to me, and I intend to tickle you until I get bored." She looked up at the girl, her eyes dead as she looked at the younger female. "Then once that happens, you can go. Just like the other girls did." The eyes had a more threatening tone to them. She turned her head and looked outside a window. "Then I'll have to make a decent plot."

      The realization of what the woman said made Yoko shudder. This old witch was determined to not just torture her, but actually execute her with tickling. She was mad. "LET ME GOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" she shouted. "HELP! HELP MEHEHEHEHEHE!" She thrashed and kicked more, her head shaking wildly as she laughed out of control.

    "How many times do I have to say, no?" the woman screamed back.

     Just as she feared that she truly would have been murdered by this witch, there was an explosion somewhere in the backyard. The old woman frowned, turning away from the girl, and straining her head like an owl. "What was….," she began.

     Another explosion happened, throwing the old woman off of her feet, and fifteen feet away from Yoko. There were more explosions, and soon one of the walls came down, as Simon and Kamina burst forward, staring at their friend.

     The boys freed the young woman, as their compatriots secured the house of the old woman. Documents and items were seized. Yoko groaned as she finally was lifted from the slab. Her muscles were like putty. The boys helped her stand.

    "Where is that old witch," she gasped, glaring to see in the direction where the woman had landed. "I have a few things I want to tell her… if not do to her." She started to crack her knuckles.

    "I doubt you'll get the chance," one of the other soldiers said. "She's dead."

     The group examined the old woman, and saw that her neck had indeed been bent at an odd angle when she had landed from the explosion. Furthermore, her chest had been torn open from the shrapnel. Yoko looked down at this monster, who had gotten what she had deserved, and then glared at the two boys who she was using as human crutches. She remembered what the woman had told her about her clothes, and how it mirrored the boys' claims.

     Yoko used her renewing strength to slap the back of the two boys' heads, smirking as they grunted in pain.

    "What the heck was that for?" Simon asked with a whine.

    "Seriously, Yoko what do you think you are doing?" Kamina growled.

    "Oh nothing. I was going to kick her ass, but since she thought a bare bellied girl deserved to be tickled to death, and you both seemed to think it meant something similar, I figured someone out to pay for that… so I choose you two."

     They looked at her and then at each other. "Well…," Simon said.

     Yoko's eyes narrowed. "You try it, and I'll pin you down and I'll bit each and every finger off your hand, and stuff them up your rear. Got it?"

     Simon gulped and looked down. "Got it."

    "Good, now get me out of here, I need a drink."

a tickling request for karma beetle
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fusz432 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
it would have been a better story if the girl started to actually like the tickling, and become the old lady's personal pet instead.
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Lol perhaps but then it might be considered a pure fetish story. That's why the morale was put into place so it wouldn't be.
bmw1425 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
My friend said that he was watching this show, so I thought I would have a look at it. When I saw her, HOLY SHIT DID I WANT TO TICKLE HER. Thank you for this gift. T-T. Just thank you
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
lol you are welcome
Karma-Beetle Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
[Late comment]

Wow! You're a great writer, zhaneaugustine!

A lot darker than what I requested but I still love it, thanks again man!
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this is great! you should do more of this!!!!
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hotheadv Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
u should try doing her feet next
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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, that was great! She nearly got her belly button tickled off!
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
lol yes she did!
zeroshin0 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
yes finnaly a gurrenn lagann tickle story thank you so much
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Very good!i'm not fammiliar to that series, but I think you fit that very well!
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Awesome Story Dude.

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one hundred percent i agree!
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I love Gurenn Lagann and mostly Yoko!
It's great having a story about her tickled^^

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its kinda new to me though, lol

hmmm maybe
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